An explosive visual that engulfs the user in an oil spill of contrasting colors. When oil spills it consumes every inch of surroundings and organisms around it with deadly speed. By exposing this fossil fuel, which is so essential to humans, users will see the deathly effects it can have on a larger scale.

The shock and shake of thunder followed by an instant strike of light will awaken users to the unnatural recurrence of thunderstorms. The user will immerse themselves in a field of lighting to see how dangerous the sky has become in recent years.

Slide across the liquified flooring of a world consumed by water. The oceans are being oversaturated with the water of once solid glaciers which will soon consume more land than ever before. Users will wade through a predicted watery environment based on the projections of what is soon to be a landless world.

An organism that provides so much life above and before the sea level, coral is slowly fading away. A giver of food, shelter and life coral breathes life into the earth. Users will quickly see their impact on coral reefs as it retreats into the depths of nonexistence from human’s touch.